sector expertise

We work with a wide range of clients operating within the UK retail banking, insurance and financial services markets, including their respective supply chains. Some are large, blue chip organisations who are the undisputed leaders in their field. Others are smaller, fast growing organisations who are positioning themselves to be tomorrow’s leaders. Yet others are business start-ups, seeking to take advantage of the paradigmatic shifts that are taking place within the financial services world.

Clients we have worked with include:
  • High street, supermarket and online banks
  • Building societies
  • Credit card issuers
  • Personal loan providers
  • Specialist and adverse mortgage lenders
  • Fixed income divisions of investment banks
  • Asset backed investment boutiques and hedge funds
  • 3rd party servicers
  • Composite and specialist Insurers
  • Life and pensions providers
  • Financial advisers and networks
  • Price comparison, mortgage sourcing and property locator sites
  • Corporate estate agencies and surveyors
  • Conveyancers
All of the clients we work with share a common belief which has enabled us to forge long-term, partnership based relationships with them. Namely, our clients understand the importance of ensuring that talented and effective leaders are in place across their organisation, capable of maximising their competitiveness.