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About usAquista focuses upon the UK retail banking, insurance and financial services markets, including their respective supply chains and works with clients across the UK to ensure that talented and effective leaders are in place who are capable of maximising their organisation’s competitive edge. Our flagship service is search and advertised selection and we work with clients to fill senior manager, functional head and director level roles, with typical base salaries falling within the £100,000 to £300,000 range. We also deliver a range of other services, including identifying, evaluating, developing, motivating and retaining leadership capability within client organisations.

To date our focus has been upon being the best at what we do and in large measure this has been about building differentiation. For example our overall proposition is unusual in that we take an integrated approach to leadership that includes offering evaluation and consulting services in addition to conducting search and selection assignments. When juxtapositioned against our pure focus on the retail financial services space, this overall proposition becomes even more unusual and it enables us to take a truly integrated approach to service delivery. The specific methods that we adopt within our different practice areas are also highly distinctive; for example our deployment of objective techniques in search and assessment enable us to fill 98% of our assignments with candidates that make a real difference to client organisations.

We are also different in other more fundamental ways. Let’s be honest, striving to be the best is sadly not exactly a sine qua non of the recruitment world but for us – and this is speaking personally as owners of the business – it is at the core of what we do. We think that it means a great number of things including acquiring and deploying real knowledge and expertise, delivering to very high quality standards, going the extra mile, putting things right when they go wrong and learning from our mistakes. And all of this is underpinned by an innate passion in everything that we do.

Our focus upon being the best through differentiation has led to success and not just with respect to consistently delivering assignments and projects. It has also resulted in a loyal and enthusiastic client following and a strong brand without a penny being spent on marketing. In addition, we managed to deliver progressively higher year on year profits during an almost unprecedented economic slowdown and have consequently built up a financial war chest that enables us to reinvest in the business without any recourse to outside investors.

Our future plansThat we have not lost any of our pioneering zeal is clear; and it is self-evident that the larger one’s field of operation the more difference you can make. Therefore we have recently reset the business strategy button from ‘boutique’ to ‘growth’, with the very clear vision of building upon many aspects of our current approach and becoming the No.1 senior level recruitment firm within the retail banking, insurance and financial services space in the UK as well as building upon our reputation in broader leadership consultancy.

In order to deliver our vision we are moving forward on a number of key strategic initiatives. Firstly, we are further developing our range of recruitment propositions to enable us to meet our clients’ varying and changing needs. This includes developing a ‘fastrack’ search service to sit alongside our whole of market offering and also formally offering an interim management service. Secondly – and most critically for the purposes of this particular recruitment campaign – we will formally recognise our already strong functional specialisms by building specific teams that ‘face-off’ to each of the key functional areas within the retail banking, insurance and financial services space. Importantly, whilst these teams will receive considerable investment to ensure that they become the first port of call for clients and candidates in their functional specialism, they will all operate under one strong core brand – namely Aquista – thus creating a virtuous circle of value within the business.

Lastly, we will place considerable focus upon our people. This means employing those individuals who are the very best for our business, wherever they are based; and to achieve this we are enacting a contemporary home based working model for our fee earners. It also means ensuring that our teams are structured in such a way that performance is optimised; for example by providing fee earners with very high levels of support from centralised, research, knowledge management, marketing, administration, billing and IT/telephony support teams. In addition it means building the business based upon our strong set of underpinning values, which are equally relevant to the way we work with clients, candidates and each other.

What we are looking forAs mentioned above, we are now in the process of building functionally specific teams and our priority is to do this in three areas within which we already have considerable expertise and an excellent track record. These areas are risk and regulation; products and marketing; and sales and customer service. We are looking for someone to head up a team in each of these functional areas, with the remit to establish, lead, own the P&L of and rapidly grow the team; such that it delivers differentiated and high quality search, contingent and interim services to candidates and clients alike and ever increasing bottom-line profitability, whilst significantly contributing towards Aquista becoming the No.1 senior level recruitment firm within its chosen markets.

Candidates for these roles must have a track record of successfully winning and delivering senior level contingent recruitment services within one of the priority functional areas and of achieving demanding financial targets whilst operating to high quality standards, as evidenced by a high success rate and loyal candidates and clients. They must also have good assessment skills; be good communicators, verbally and in writing; and possess an understanding of the importance of workflow processes and data quality standards. Whilst experience gained within the retail banking, insurance and financial services markets is highly desirable, it is not essential. It would be helpful if candidates had gained exposure to a number of different recruitment solutions, such as retained search and/or interim management and had experience of establishing and/or growing a recruitment desk. Credible client followings are also welcome.

It is probably obvious by now that our business is underpinned by a strong set of values and it is imperative that you share these and possess attitudes and behaviours which are consistent with them. At Aquista we value people who try as hard as they can to deliver to the highest standards and who work as a team; making a positive, constructive and supportive contribution to it. We value people who strive to build wide-ranging, strong and mutually beneficial relationships and who seek to improve themselves, embracing new ideas and taking and giving constructive feedback in the process. It goes without saying that we also value people who are thoroughly trustworthy with personal integrity.

Your opportunityWe believe that this is an excellent opportunity for you to join a very different kind of recruitment business; one with exceptionally strong underpinnings that is about to embark upon the most significant period of growth in its history. Successful candidates will take leadership roles within the business from day one; will enjoy significant autonomy within their own area of operation; will receive unrivalled support to enable them to win and deliver work; will significantly develop themselves as recruitment professionals; and over time, will enjoy a share of the profits. Critically, they will also be part of the future legacy of the business. Specifically, this means that once certain conditions are met, we are committed to passing the ownership of the business onto the new management team.

For further information please call Gavin Burgess on 01765 635 105 or 0771 853 9502.
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